Artwork I made during my time at WDKA in Rotterdam. (2014-2018)
Proces is a work about an artblock. The process of being stuck in thoughts and actions paired with feeling unhappy about your work and decisions. For this I made 3 video's. The first one is where I carried a bag of clay from Rotterdam (where I used to live) to Arnhem (where I'm born and currently am living) by train. The clay deformed from carrying which symbolised my development from the past 4 years. Leaving the nest as a child going to the big city and leaving as a young lady.  
The second video is about the work and effort I put in my artworks. In the video I'm working until I used all my strength up. In the whole making process nothing usefull is made.
The last video is about the frustration I got from not being able to express myself in art. In this video I destroyed the clay I used for the second video.
All the video's are placed in an installation with the pieces of broken clay spread on the floor. The first and last video are viewed on tablets placed on piles of dried clay and the second video is projected on a big screen. This is because this piece of me was visible to others. The other video's are on smaller screens because that was what other didn't see of me.
Pictures and the video's can be seen here

An installation test with video's about HSP. With this work I tired to make people who don't have HSP or have any connection to it understand what it can be like in this society. And how difficult it can be to function in this work driven society.
The third video is too big to upload. You can still check it out by clicking this button!
Shame War Shame
This is a video work I made in 2016 about the refugee crisis in Europe. Especially The Netherlands. It's about the mental crisis between what's good and what bad in an individual. It also shows the opposition of tension and relaxation.
The Vision and Fear
Two drawings about the refugee crisis in 2016 and about the lower class in The Netherlands who feel mistreaded in this society.

A video work  made in 2015 about the transition of overwhelming thoughts.
A project where WKDA students  worked with the Cardboarders on some cardboard costumes and walked throught Rotterdam in it.
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